Tuesday, 30 June 2009

MJ, Stem Cells and The Saturdays on a Sunday

On Sunday night I went to see The Saturdays in concert at Leicester’s De Monfort Hall. I’m not the biggest fan of their music, but have liked all of their singles. Pixie Lot supported them and she was great. She paid a tribute to Michael Jackson by singing his classic Want You Back that received an amazing response from the audience. The Saturdays were quite good. I didn’t know all of the songs, as I don’t have their album, but they did a medley of songs that included Pink’s Rockstar, which got me dancing!

I just want to go back to Michael Jackson for the moment. How can anyone have missed that he died on Thursday night. My opinion on the matter is that he’s had quite a sad life. Thrown into the starlight at the age of 5 all he’s ever known is fame and living his life through the media. He clearly had some mental health problems after transforming his image dramatically, allowing children to sleep in his bed and not seeing an issue with it and generally living in Neverland believing he was the real Peter Pan. It’s undeniable that he has made some of the best music around, but a real shame that his life was short lived and generally appeared as an unhappy one.

Yesterday, I had an appointment at Moorfields Eye Hospital. After the usual forever long wait I was told that my eye is stable and pressure was 12. It still makes me laugh when they say my eye is stable, I’m pretty sure it looks like a bombsite back there! Detached retina, scar tissue, oil bubble, various buckles and sponges and the general incorrect growth. Anyway, over the past few months I’ve been doing some research on Stem Cells, which could potentially restore some of my vision. The Chinese believe they can treat Norrie’s Disease, but haven’t trialled it yet. 2 other people with the condition have registered their interest, but haven’t yet had the treatment. I’m getting a copy of my notes from Moorfields and will see if the doctors in China think they can help me. It’s all in the very early stages at the moment, so I don’t want to harp on about getting my hopes up and how great it would be to see colours and read again. To be honest I’ve accepted my sight loss now and would be happy enough to continue life this way, but if there is a possibility I could have some sight back who blames me for looking into it.

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