Friday, 26 June 2009

Job, F1, Comp and Legs!

I’ve been meaning to update my blog all week, but for one reason or another I haven’t done it. Don’t worry I have a good memory though.

Let’s start off with the interview I went to last week Wednesday. It was your usual Admin Assistant post in the Adult Social Care Department at the Council a couple of villages away. First up was the test and as soon as I realised I needed to convert my Excel spreadsheet into a bar chart I knew it was all over! I just couldn’t figure it out. Anyway, the interview went well and they finally called to reject me this Wednesday. I came 3rd would you believe and there was just a point in it regarding who they actually appointed. But it’s no good coming 3rd when there is only one job up for grabs! They had nothing bad to say about me and I really need to get my ass back into gear and job search again. 6 months of unemployment when will I give up!

Brum, brum, brum! I went to the Silverstone Grand prix last Friday, which wasn’t the actual race day, but free practice. I got tickets for all 3 days, but couldn’t go on the Saturday as I had an athletics comp.

On Friday we just had a wander round and went to see where our seats were. We were in Cops E, which was the first corner of the track and where they came out of the pits. My mum surprised me when she bought a £45 t-shirt! She doesn’t pay that much for anything! I already bought 2 t-shirts the year before and I got a fancy warm zipper from Turkey, but of course it’s fake Ferrari. I bought a Ferrari beanie hat to wear in the winter for my running.

There’s nothing like waking up at 6.30am on a Saturday morning, running around to get dressed and then a 2 and a half hour car journey to Wigan for an athletics competition. The weather was bleak, but I had a good warm up before my 100m. I was with Amy this time as my guide as apposed to Courtney, but I felt confident I could still do well.

The race started with a false start, which annoyed me as I got a great first start. Bang, the gun went again and I felt myself in front of Amy for a while, which isn’t the way it should be. She only went and slipped on the start line, as it was wet and she was running in trainers. I carried on as best as I could trying to ignore the bad start and finished an amazing last! I still ran 16.1secs, which wasn’t tragic in the end, but really thought I could run sub 16 this time after doing so well at the Metro Games.

After a shivering 3-hour wait for my 200m. God I was so cold I desperately wanted to do well. However, I felt myself lean backwards after about 50m, which slows you down. Once I corrected myself and really sprinted the last 50m it must have been too late. Also, I think Amy dropped back too early as on my last 50 I could feel myself pulling her along! I ran 36.8secs half a second off my PB. Next comp is the Charnwood Open on 1st July.

And the winner of the Silverstone Grand Prix 2009 is Vettal! Huh?! Ah it was a shame Ferrari didn’t win, but Massa came an impressive 4th compared to last year when he spun 6 times in the rain and came last! Raikanan came 8th and at least scored a point. The race was enjoyable, but I was miffed that we couldn’t hear the commentary from where we sat. So, I had the radio stuck to one ear on full volume throughout! I was also chesed when the Grand Prix had just about finished and my £7 horn ran out of gas! Yet everyone else’s around me was hooting fine!

Finally, I want to explain about my newfound impairment. Not only am I blind, but also I discover my legs shall we say aren’t quite right. I’ve always known I have dodgy knees that look at each other, but what I didn’t realise was that I have twisted shins, flat feet and one leg longer than the other! They’ve been causing me quite a bit of pain for about 2 months now and I saw a Podiatrist yesterday who enlightened me. I have some temporary insoles for my trainers that are giving me arch support and the right side has a heal so my legs are the same length. He also wants to tip my left foot so my knee doesn’t turn inwards as much, but thought it would be too much adjustment to do in one go. Although the insoles felt odd at first, I love them. I went to the gym this morning and I didn’t feel any pulling on my legs. Will update you on how I get on.

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