Sunday, 14 June 2009

Isn't It A Wonder

Isn’t It A Wonder…Is my theme for this blog entry!

I saw Boyzone on Tuesday night up in Newcastle with Beth and Jenny who both have an eye condition called Aniridia. They both also have Guide Dogs called Sandie and Jaynie, which meant I was a little left out, as my furry friend still hasn’t arrived. 14 months I’ve been waiting now, aren’t I patient!

Anyway, let me go back to the beginning. I arrived up north on the Monday and we took a trip to running heaven aka Start Fitness, which is a massive running shop in Newcastle. I needed to buy some sprint spikes, as I’ve been wearing middle distance ones all this time. After trying several pairs on I eventually decided on the Addidas Dash, which is literally sunshine yellow so I’m told. Although I have a large collection of running kits, I don’t own any yellow. Red, pink, blue, orange, and white, but no yellow! So I just had to buy the matching kit too! Since the shop was closing I didn’t get a chance to purchase any yellow trainers, but I still managed to spend £205! Don’t worry; remember it’s my birthday next month, so it makes it all ok!

Tuesday night was Boyzone and if you haven’t already guessed Isn’t It A Wonder is one of their songs. Eoghan the little Irish dude from X Factor was supporting them and I thought he was brilliant. The main concert was enjoyable with them singing their greatest hits whilst Jenny and I played guess the colour of the lights on stage! Beth has better vision and was able to depict things like what they were wearing. I can’t say Boyzone is the best concert I’ve been too, as Westlife are still on top for me. Sorry guys!

On Wednesday I was feeling quite exhausted and came home. I had a training session on Thursday in preparation for the Metro Games that weekend and got a chance to try out my new spikes.

Friday saw me having a beauty session, as I got my eyebrows and under arms waxed and I also had a massage afterwards. I’m getting braver with the whole waxing thing and going to get my legs and arms done next time. Argh!

Yesterday was the metro Games down in London and was effectively the biggest visually impaired athletics competition of the year, as the Dublin Games had such a poor turn out. They were running late with the schedule, so I warmed up for my 100m far too early, but it was unlikely I was going to get cold, as the weather was gorgeous. After warming up in my spikes, my brand new spikes I only went and managed to stand in chewing gum! God I was fuming, whilst I sat there trying to pick it off the sole of my foot. I was also a bit anxious, as I was the only B1 in my event and was made to race B2s and B3s, which basically means they have more vision than me.

Whilst waiting for the 100m to start I was jumping every time the gun went off for the start of other races! Finally, half an hour later than planned it was time for my race. Bang, I was off, 30m drive phase where you stay low, Courtney says drive, 50m I bump into Courtney a little, 30m my feet dropped a little, 10m nearly there, you go, which is said at 5m and I power through the line. I really didn’t have much time to think through the race as normal and was actually out of breath! Now here’s the funny part and isn’t it a wonder how I managed to beat everyone in my race when I was the blindest! I ran 16secs flat, which is 4 10ths quicker than my last comp and I even made a couple of mistakes, which means I can go faster. Still a whole second to get to my target of sub 15secs for this season, but I might just be able to do it. I’ve never ever won a race before and stunned myself. Ironically, my number was 2 yesterday and I said that was my favourite position!

Ok, on to the 200m. It went wrong from start to finish! I chickened out at the start and know I didn’t go as quickly as I was capable of in my drive. Then I was running from left to right constantly, bouncing off Courtney and then going too far and feeling the guide rope stretch to its max all the way round. I just wasn’t gauging the bend right at all, had no rhythm and my stride length felt so short. I must have ran 300m in reality, but still won and was only a 10th off my PB, which shocked me as it was so bad! I only train for the 100m normally, which explains why I struggled going around the bend. I’m going to do some work on it next week though, as I feel I have the potential to do quite well in it.

Overall, it was a good day for me, as I won both races being the blindest. I just need to beat the CP lot now! My next comp is on Saturday up in Wigan.


Jennifer said...

When I went to a boyzone concert Westlife played the support slot and I think it was one of their first gigs. Aw wee Eoghan! All the girls from Derry love him to bits.
How were Beth and Jenny and their dogs?

unnikrishnan said...

When I went to a boyzone concert Westlife played the support slot and I think it was one of their first gigs. Aw wee Eoghan! All the girls from Derry love him to bits.


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