Monday, 1 June 2009

Looking Back

It seems like an age ago now, but the Friday before I went away I saw Chicago the musical at the theatre. I had already seen it in the West End last year, but enjoyed it so much that I decided there was no harm in seeing it twice. The cast included Emma Barton aka Honey from Eastenders and Jimmy Osman.

My favourite song is ‘He Had It Coming’, which was sung humorously and passionately by the cast. The whole show was spectacular and I never got bored. My mum said it was the best show she’d ever seen at the theatre and considering the amount we’ve seen that’s saying something!

Just Call Me Speedy:
Well, one-day maybe! On the Saturday before I went away I travelled to Bristol for an athletics competition. It took 3 hours to get there and the weather was blustery and showers! No time to warm up at all, as my 100m was called as the first race. Yet again I wasn’t out of breath at the end, which is frustrating, as I know I’m clearly not doing it right, but I ran it in 16.4secs. That’s half a second quicker than the last competition. So I was pleased, but not ecstatic, as I still aim to run sub 15secs this season.

Thankfully, there was a nice warm place to relax before the 200m. About 10mins before my race was due it started to hail heavily and I was dreading it. Again, because of the weather I didn’t really warm up, but by the time I got to the start the sun was shining and I felt over dressed! It was too late to strip though! I got a really good start and scared myself a little, as I thought I was going far too fast! After 100m I was boiling, but knew I didn’t have far to go. I came 2nd for the second time that day and found out I ran 36.3secs, which takes 6 tenths off my PB.

I was happy that I’d improved in both of my races, but my technique still requires some work and I know I’m capable of a lot more. However, last Thursday I had to visit a physio, as my left leg has felt very tight. Basically, the arch of my foot has collapsed a little and causing the tightness. Later this week I’m getting some soft tissue work done on it and I’ve been referred to a podiatrist, as I need an in sole making.

My next competition is the Metro Games in London on Saturday 13th June and I’m hoping for more PBs!

Sunning It:
Turkey, I’ll keep it short. Nice hotel with 2 pools, lush weather, but awful food! We went all inclusive and I was angry to discover that they charged extra for ice cream. This doesn’t happen in other all-inclusive hotels. I lived on potatoes, rice, pasta and bread for a week, but don’t worry I didn’t lose any weight! We didn’t do much, I spent my days reading my books, playing on my talking dictionary and taking in the sun. In the evenings we played cards and my parents played pool. They also played tennis as per usual.

The highlight of the holiday was shopping! Not for the fake designer stuff, as their size small was too big on me, but for gold! As an early 21st birthday present my parents bought me an 18 carrot white gold ring with a quarter carrot of diamonds (28 shiny ones) and a single sapphire in the middle. If that wasn’t enough I was spoilt and got a 14 carrot white gold charm bracelet with 3 18 carrot white gold charms. The charms are an eye to represent my visual impairment and in Turkey an eye keeps the devil away, a love heart that signifies how caring I am of course and finally a letter S for smart, sweet, stunning and sporty! Or maybe it was meant to be S for Selina?! Anyway, it’s all gorgeous! I need to get more charms for the bracelet, I was thinking a book, a star and a key for 21, but we’ll wait and see.

Just Quickly:
To finish off I have a job interview on June 17th for the Adult Social Care department a couple of villages away from me! Yet another interview to add to my collection!


Jennifer said...

Hey! Sounds like a lovely birthday present, and something you'll always be able to keep. Are you doing anything for your 21st?
I'd love to see Chicago in the west end. My friend played a part in an extract from it recently. She sang 'all that jazz' and part of 'he had it comin' and she was brilliant.

Selina said...

I haven't got many plans for my 21st yet, but i'm hoping to have a BBQ with all my family on the actual day. On the Friday after my birthday i'm going to Bournemouth with a couple of school friends and a few VIPs too including Beth and Terri. We're staying in a B & B for 3 nights, but I haven't told them about Beth's Guide Dog yet! We're going to Monkey World on the Saturday, as i'm the biggest monkey fan ever and have been wanting to go for years. I doubt they'll let me touch any, but you never know. At least I get a monkey birthday cake! Then on the Sunday i'm hoping it will be nice weather so we can go to the beach and look around the shops.

Jennifer said...

Sounds good. Hopefully they'll let you pet one. Its amazing going somewhere like that if you get to touch the animals, but a bit boring if you can't. I spent three hours at the zoo last week and couldn't touch a thing.
I held a little monkey in Thailand and it was amazing. He was so cute!
A lad I was in school with has lots of animals, practically his own zoo and he has three monkeys. One is kept inside and you can pick it up and play with it. Its like a baby and so much fun to be around.

saliha Rashid said...

selina, i hope you are verry successfull in your athletics, in fact, i was telling my teacher about you the other day. You've got the drive, and you deserve the same success as someone like kelly holms. and, i mean that! i did a 5 km walk for cancer research the other day in 56 minutes!

Selina said...

Awww thanks Saliha!

I'm also doing Race for Life, but mine isn't until 12th July. People can still sponsor me, which i'd appreciate as i've only raised £10 so far. All the details can be found in the entry called Do Something Good Today!