Saturday, 4 April 2009

No Pain, No Gain

I hate having my eyebrows plucked, as for one it’s painful and two my mum pinches my eyeball, as my right eye sinks in a little. I was finally brave enough to book myself in for an eye brow wax at Oasis Health and Beauty a couple of villages away.

I lay down on the bed and Anna the waxer started to put hot wax on the sections to be banished. There was no warning when the first strip was removed, but I was surprised it wasn’t as painful as I was expecting. Don’t get me wrong it did hurt, but just for a split second. She also did part of my forehead since I’m a hairy beast! That hurt more! At the end she asked me to look in the mirror! Doh, up to that point she didn’t realise I was blind.

Afterwards I got a full body massage, as I’ve been aching since Wednesday. I’ve finally got a coach from Charnwood Athletics Club and he really put me through my paces. I’m pleased though, as that’s what I need. I needed the massage, as I’m going to a talent day run by UK athletics tomorrow. Anna didn’t seem to believe me at first when I said I was a runner. ‘Oh do you do that on a machine’! I explained I had a guide and she seemed to accept my answer and was very good, as she gave me a sort of sports massage. Basically, beating my legs up! Seriously, it was worth it.

My first athletics competition is 2 weeks today and I really look forward to it. I have no idea of how fast/slow I’m capable of running, but the result will hopefully convey the amount of hard training I’ve been putting in.

I haven’t heard back from the interview I went to last week at the council, but I am even more certain now that I wasn’t successful. On a slightly more positive note I received a letter from the Education Psychology department saying that the clerical assistant position is vacant again, but at a higher grade. If I’m still interested all I have to do is call them. So will do on Monday, worth a shot. This is the one that is walking distance from my house in the next village and was given to someone on redeployment initially.

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