Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Over A Year

Quick Guide dog update. It has now been over a year since I’ve been waiting for my first furry friend. I called Guide Dogs today who now have a new District Manager due to the other one going off to work on his ethnic minority project. The new DM told me that I’m 3rd on the waiting list and reassured me that we’re getting closer. He said that Debbie Webster would be the one who would find me a dog. She’s the person who did my assessment and at the moment she is on class training others. Apparently they’re having a team meeting next week and he’ll put my name on the agenda.

I’m pleased that I’m 3rd on the list, but it’s very annoying that I’ve been waiting so long. Those other 2 people above me might be previous or current guide dog owners so not have had to wait as long as me. I still don’t know when I’m getting a dog, but next week I’ll email Debbie Webster to see if I can find any more information out.

If I’m lucky I might get one before I’m 21, but me lucky? That’s a laugh!

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