Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Dog Attack

Since having Calvin, I have heard a lot about Guide Dogs getting attacked and know that lots of work is being done to try and change the law, so that dog owners are prosecuted for not controlling their pets. However, in the nearly four years I have had Calvin, I never really expected him to be a victim with his bolshie attitude. How wrong was I!

Last Friday, we went down to Dorset, as on Saturday it was my birthday and I have dreamed of going to Monkey World for years. I love monkeys! Recently, the weather has been amazing and therefore it seemed logical to spend some time on the beach. Naturally, Calvin was beside himself with excitement as soon as he smelt the sea air. He was puppy walked in Devon and so spent a lot of the time free running by the sea.

Conveniently, our hotel appeared to be across the road from the dog section of the beach. So we let Calvin off the lead, as we followed the ramps down to the shore. When we got on the beach, Calvin clocked the sea and went bounding towards it. Another dog was playing in the sea with its owner, nowhere near where Calvin was heading. For no apparent reason whatsoever, the dog aggressively pinned Calvin down on the sand before he could make it to the water and attacked. The owner was fairly swift to restrain his dog, but Calvin came limping over with a heart breaking cry. Calvin didn’t even try to fight back.

The beach was packed and therefore herds of people came over to check if Calvin was ok. The owner of the dog also came to check, only after the initial shock Calvin seemed fine with no visible injuries. Much to Calvin’s dismay, thereafter I kept him on the lead. I hate going in the sea, but went in with him so he could have a little paddle. It must have been around twenty minutes later, my mum noticed that Calvin was bleeding on his back.

We asked the lifeguard, some people from the council and other dog owners if they knew where the nearest vets were. Nobody was helpful. I called Guide Dogs to see what I should do, thankfully, it was just before five. I was told to report it to the police who would have details of the nearest vets. The police gave me an incident number, but had no details for the vets. So I had to call the dog warden for the area who gave me the number for the emergency vets that was no use because it didn’t open until seven. I eventually text a friend and got a number that was constantly engaged, luckily we found the practice in the yellow pages and drove there instead.

It was nearing seven by the time Calvin actually got seen. The vet took him away to shave around the wound and to see if it needed stapling. When I got him back, it turned out he had two bite wounds that the vet decided not to staple and said would heal itself. Calvin was given an antibiotic injection along with a pain killer jab and antibiotic tablets for six days. Due to the positioning of the wounds, I am unable to work him, as the harness would touch the affected area.

This meant on Saturday, I had Calvin on the lead and had to be guided around Monkey World. I did not expect Calvin to freak at the sight of monkeys. He was crying and jumping all over me when we reached the gibbon enclosure. I thought it was going to be an extremely long day! We went to one of the chimp enclosures next. Turns out, that chimps aren’t too keen on dogs either. They began banging on the windows, which made Calvin and some kids cry. We moved swiftly away, only we had to pass the outside enclosure before we were clear of them. Without warning, I felt bullets being fired at us! Several of the chimps had trooped together and were picking gravel up from the floor and sling shotting it at us through the fencing! They have powerful shots let me tell you! Calvin began to growl and bark as we hot footed it away! Poor Calvin wasn’t having a great weekend!

Apparently, once you have been attacked by chimps, no other monkey can faze you! Afterwards Calvin was eager to visit all of the other types of monkeys who were intrigued to see him too. Everywhere we went, the monkeys would appear and follow Calvin as we walked along. To be fair none of the other apes felt inclined to throw stones!

So, I had an eventful birthday, not exactly how I planned. Calvin is ok within himself, but it is frustrating that I can’t work him for a while.

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Jenny said...

Poor Calvin. I hope he is ok now. Can't believe you've had him that long.
Monkey world sounds like something I'd absolutely love. Did you get to touch any of them? I've held a couple of monkeys before, cutest things ever!