Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Live Shows

Back in May I went to see The Big Reunion Tour at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham with some friends. We were transported back to the nineties and early noughties, which in a nutshell was epic! Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, The Honeys, Liberty X, 911, 5ive and Blue all provided hit after hit that kept us dancing, singing and reminiscing all night! When I was younger, I saw Blue three times in concert, my friend and I had a slightly unhealthy obsession with Duncan Matthew James! Thinking about it, I don’t think I have actually grown out of that and would definitely consider seeing Blue again, as whilst all of the bands were amazing, Blue took the roof off in my opinion! I have however, booked to see 5ive tour on their own, which I am certain will be another great night.

It felt like an age since I had been to the theatre, Christmas time in fact when I saw Grease. So although I hadn’t heard of the musical Dreamboats and Petticoats, I was eager to see it. The show was jam packed with apparent hits from the sixties, only other than ‘Let’s Twist Again’ I’m ashamed to say I didn’t recognise any! It was quite a generic love story, the humour seemed amateur at times, but if you view it light heartedly, it was an alright show. There must have been some pop star that was big back in the day, as lots of old women got very excited when I can only assume he started performing his old hits!

I attended my first festival! Admittedly, I didn’t do the whole camping thing and only went for one day, but everyone has to start somewhere! My friends are in a band called The Last Train Home and after entering a competition for unsigned artists made it through to the final meaning they had the chance to perform in the Rhythm Tent at the Godiva Festival in Coventry. I had heard some of their music on Sound Cloud in the past, yet had never seen them play live. I can honestly say I was more than impressed! They write their own material, play their own instruments and have amazing vocals too (oh and they are both blind as well). It’s so lovely having such talented friends and I have pre-booked them to play at my non-existent wedding in the distant future, although there is some dispute over fees! Surely their wedding present to me should be that they play for free!

On a serious note, if you are interested in checking out The Last Train Home and their music (I highly recommend it) just click here to go to their Sound Cloud page.

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