Monday, 31 December 2012

This isn't goodbye

One significant event that occurred this year, which I haven’t blogged about, is my favourite band in the whole wide world split up! Most people I know think I am sad for liking Westlife, but I am not really bothered!

Before this year I had seen Westlife in concert five times, it should have been seven, but once it clashed with a family holiday and the other time I had an athletics competition. So I had to give my tickets away. Knowing it would be my final opportunity to see them this year, I bought tickets for both of their shows at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. People will say that is ridiculous because they sang the same songs, but actually they were two very different shows. The first time the boys were more serious and the second time they were fooling around most of the time, which was highly amusing.

I then saw their final final show live at the cinema on 23 June. It was a very different experience watching a concert at the cinema, the audience were confused whether to scream, cheer and clap or not. I would say I would have loved to be there in person, but it was chucking it down!

Westlife have produced so many amazing songs, some covers, some originals, all brilliant in my bias opinion! They are one of those bands who I would never tire of seeing in concert, they never disappoint!

The band were together for an epic fourteen years and I am thinking/hoping that for their twentieth anniversary that they will have a reunion tour. I mean that’s what all bands do now right?!

They have too many inspirational lyrics, but my favourite is-

You’ve got to fight for every dream (Flying Without Wings)

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