Saturday, 1 December 2012

F1 2012

Last weekend saw an epic climax to the F1 2012 season. The rain in Brazil really shook things up and caused so much drama that I lost count of the amount of times my heart was in my mouth! Unfortunately, whilst Alonso drove magnificently, Vettel was crowned the youngest triple world champion. That’s three times in the last four years that my team, Ferrari have lost the championship on the final race. I think I am still traumatised from 2008 when Massa clinched the title, only for it to be lost again in a matter of seconds, again thanks to the rain in Brazil.

Massa had a disappointing start to the season and I wondered whether his time was up at Ferrari. However, in the final few races I began to see signs of the old Massa back, the incredible driver before his life-threatening accident. I would even go as far to say he was driving better than Alonso in the last couple of races, but was the perfect team player and did everything in his power to try and help Alonso win the championship. With both Ferrari drivers back on form, next year is looking very promising!

This year saw the great seven time world champion Michael Schumacher hang up his driving helmet for the second time. I always remember his amazing final race from his first retirement, he didn’t win, but came through the pack with some unbelievable passes. This time the only thing I will remember is him moving aside for Vettel, as he wanted his fellow German to win the title. I was disgusted!

Talking of ex-Ferrari drivers, it was brilliant to see Raikanan back on the grid. I love his no-nonsense attitude! Looking ahead to next year, you just know it is going to be another thrilling season after eight different drivers won races this year.

F1, go, go, go!

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