Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The White Wedding

Last weekend was Beth and Graham’s wedding, which took place in Hartlepool, up north. Calvin and I arrived on the Friday afternoon after a 4 hour train journey. Calvin was pretty good between Leicester and Derby, as we had a table seat, but the long journey from Derby to Darlington was a nightmare. The other passengers found it amusing at first that he wouldn’t go in between the seats, but after a while people having to step over him were cursing him.

I always knew spending Calvin would be a nightmare, as he will only go on grass when out despite happily spending on concrete at home. I was hoping he would be bursting enough to let the river flow when we arrived at the hotel, as there was no grass in sight and a crunchy layer of snow instead. However, he didn’t go.

When shown to my room, I was a little, no scrap that, extremely concerned that I had no idea where I was and how to get back out! After unpacking a few things, Calvin guzzling a bowl of water and orientating myself around the room Beth called to ask whether I wanted to go down to her room. I agreed, but wasn’t 100% that I knew how to get back to the steps.

I knew I went through 2 doors to get to my room, but for some reason Calvin took me through 3 sets to get back to the steps. I basically let him take me, asking him to find the first 2 sets of doors I knew about and then asked for the steps. Although it wasn’t exactly the most direct route, I was just pleased my faulty dog found the way!

After Calvin did his necessary humping, playing and chewing we took the dogs out to spend again. Calvin was still being stubborn and eventually Beth took him off me and he spent where Sandie had been. Of course he was dying to go, I don’t know why he does it to himself!

That evening we went to Porto Fino, an Italian restaurant that I had never been to. Along with Jenny and Joe, we were with Beth’s family. It was a pleasant meal and pretty tasty too.

Calvin only did one more busy that day and I prayed he’d make it through the night. I didn’t sleep well at all, I’ve never had such a non sound proof room. I could hear clearly the music, singing and audience from the bar downstairs and I was on the second floor!

The following morning Calvin did a busy on Beth’s command, but usually does a big busy first thing, no chance of that here. He went again at 9am, not on my command of course and then he wouldn’t go at all the next few times.

Beth was getting married at 4pm on HMS Hartlepool ship, that I can’t remember the name of! She had a red dress hand made by her mum, which was stunning and Sandie was her bride’s maid dressed in a red diamante collar and lead. Unfortunately, I didn’t realise this and happened to buy Calvin the same diamante collar and lead in black, it was absolutely lush!

Prior to the wedding beginning, there was a panic that Calvin was lying on the aisle where Beth was going to walk down. Everyone tried their best to get him to tuck in, but he never did really. Besides, when Beth came marching down the aisle Calvin and Sandie thought it was appropriate to greet each other!

Beth and Graham’s vows to each other were more amusing to me than a tear jerker, although they were sentimental. Graham talked about Beth’s strange taste in pjs and Beth commented she knew it was love when they were standing outside of Game Station at 8.45am for the Nintendo DS to be released!

The reception was decorated thoughtfully, with each guest having jelly babies, a guitar plucker and ball ball name tag. It sounds quite strange written down, but trust me it made sense. Also, all those who attended the hen do received a photo book, which is a great memory.

They didn’t have a traditional first dance or disco, but it was nice nonetheless. Oh and I forgot to mention, since Calvin hadn’t spent since 9am, whilst we were trekking across the snow from the ship to the reception, me in open toe healed shoes Calvin stopped dead for about an hour whilst he melted the snow with a mammoth busy!

Before bed, a member of Beth’s family spent Calvin for me and I was so relieved to hear he had done a big busy! It’s such a stressful thing toileting your dog! The even better thing about it was that I didn’t have to pick it up! That night the music seemed louder than previously, as the kettle and cups on my side vibrated. Calvin didn’t sleep in his bed, but snuggled up to mine, except every time he got up to lie in a different position he flung himself back down and pushed my bed along a little!

By Sunday the snow was pretty heavy and I knew travelling back would be a nightmare. On the bright side, Calvin did his first busy for me on command, as Beth had already left for her honeymoon! After a few delays, I got home on Sunday evening, exhausted, but in one piece!

Calvin exploded when he got back, the amount of big busy he must have been storing was unreal and it can’t have been comfortable for him! I have no idea how to get him to spend when he needs to though. I was fairly impressed with his guiding skills over the weekend, always taking me back to our room, but he did pull a lot as usual and felt the need to say hello to anyone and everyone!

Due to the snow, Guide Dogs cancelled yesterday and hopefully they’ll be coming out next Wednesday. I weighed Calvin on Monday and was shocked to find he was 40kg, when 6 months ago he was 33kg. 38kg is his maximum, he exercises well and doesn’t look fat, he’s just a big dog. I have started cutting his food back though, after it was increased when he was under-weight. You can’t win!

On a final note, today marks 12 years since I started to lose my sight, which I won’t harp on about, as I did a blog post to mark 10 years. Time really does fly.


Jen said...

Sounds like a lovely wedding in the snow.
Yay for Calvin's guiding skills being good.
Does he never go busy for you usually? OJ will only go on grass when we're out so I've tried alternating between grass and his concrete run at home, so he goes quicker on grass when we're out. Just an idea!
I've noticed that OJ will go more often and quicker in this cold weather.

Selina Litt said...

Calvin has the weakest bladder in the world at home, goes all of the time in his concrete pen, but only on grass when out. He's quick to go on grass deffo prefers it. At the weekend we were in the middle of town, so no grass around and he had to go on the road. He's just a fuss pot.