Saturday, 11 December 2010

Guide Dog Visit

I wasn’t going to update my blog about the Guide Dog visit yesterday, but thought I’d write a quick note. There’s nothing new to report really, Calvin impressed them with his sniffing skills, jumping up on strangers ability and his Christopher Columbus explorer instinct.

We did 2 walks, one with and one without the halty. He was pretty much the same on both, but they insisted I should always use his halty. I also got it in the neck regarding his weight, as he is 40kg. His maximum is 38kg, but when I took Calvin to the vets for his 6 monthly check up, they said he was fine, as he’s a tall dog. Guide Dogs disagree and I’ve been told to cut his food down to 10oz, which I refuse to do, as the poor dog will starve! They’ve also advised that I only give him raw carrots and not dog biscuits for treats.

So that’s it really. I’m off to Egypt on Monday for a week, Calvin is off to my friend’s house and on my return I will have my exam results for my last OU module that I finished in October!

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