Sunday, 25 September 2011


I stayed at the Pickalbatros Aqua Fun Club Hotel in Marrakech Morocco from 15-22 September. I have to say it’s one of the best hotels I have stayed in and I’ve travelled an awful lot. All Inclusive food can sometimes become samey, but they had a good variety. The only downside was that the free ice-cream was only for kids! Within the complex was an aqua park, which made the place unique. I’ve never been a big slide person, but dared myself to go down some of the smaller ones. They also had a wave pool, which you could just swim in or go on a small boat. I went on a boat with my dad and warned him that if we fell out I wasn’t sure if I could touch the floor, I’m not a very strong swimmer at all. Halfway around the waves seemed to get rougher, the boat spun around and one came in slow motion towards the side of the boat. Whoosh! It capsized and I went under. At no point did my dad attempt to save me, he was too busy saving himself! I could just touch the floor with my feet when the waves weren’t there, but it was a nightmare! Two life guards came to help us back in the boat, which was now filled to the rim with water. I was relieved to get back to the start and get out, but saying that on reflection, I did quite enjoy the experience!

Other entertainment in the hotel included mini golf where I got a few hole in ones, how I don’t know, free pool, a tennis court, which my parents always play and a kids playground (who doesn’t like the swings)!

The holiday flew by and we only ended up leaving the hotel once on the free shuttle service to the nearest town. It was another world from the hotel, Morocco is still very much a developing country. I lost count of the times I nearly got run over by a moped, which apparently don’t have to stay on the roads. There were also loads of people that travel by horse and carriage, which was quite surreal, as they made their way through the immense traffic. Here we have to slow down for horses, but no chance there! We did want to climb the Atlas Mountains, but the time just went.

Good weather, good food and great facilities made a brilliant holiday!

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