Thursday, 21 July 2011


I hate odd numbers and now I have a whole year of being 23 years old! What an awkward age to be, not quite in your mid twenties, your twenty-first seems a million years ago, but your thirtieth seems trillions of years away! In athletics terms you’re considered to be a ‘senior’ athlete, a label given until you hit thirty-five when they decide you’re over the hill! I think the time between twenty-one and thirty will be the forgotten years, the early adult years, the years where you don’t really meet new people, the time in which you just get on with things. Or maybe that’s just true for me!

Yesterday I woke up feeling the same as any other day, only by the power of time I had aged a year. I had a quite low key birthday really, I can’t actually remember the last time I had a birthday party. I saw the final Harry Potter film at the cinema with my family, had tapas for lunch and saw The Sound of Music at the theatre in the evening, again with my family. Harry Potter was a great film, but I hate the ending when they jump forward so many years, it’s all just too final! Since The Sound of Music is one of my favourite musicals of all time, I had very high expectations and was disappointed in places. They muddled the songs up compared to the film, added in new songs, altered the storyline and well you just can’t beat Julie Andrews can you!

I got six cards, three from my immediate family, parents, brother and Calvin, one from my aunt and uncle, one from my aunt’s parents who I have never met and one from my neighbour. None from friends. None from all my other uncles, aunts and cousins, let me tell you there are allot of them too, as my dad is one of eight. I did however get lots of Face Book messages and made the effort to reply to every single one individually. It just seems no fun getting older!

Oh well, climb every mountain, follow every rainbow until you find your dreams!


Jen said...

Belated happy birthday :)

Selina Litt said...

Lol thanks x

Terri said...

now your getting it, birthdays arent fun and believe me the older you get the worse they get lol cant believe i will be 26 next year..

Selina Litt said...

Ooooh Terri you're soooo old lol.

Roshni said...

Belated happy birthday from me as well. I’m sorry you had a rather average day; I always try to make birthdays special, though I do agree with you totally in that, the older you get, the less fun can be had! And given that I’ll be 29 this year (nearly 30!) I should know! Your 21st is your best birthday ever, its never the same after that.
I’m sorry too, that you didn’t enjoy the sound of music! I saw it in 2007, just after the TV search for Maria which crowned Connie Fisher. It was fantastic; no new songs, no messing about with the production! I don’t like the sound of the changes; and might just invest in the original DVD rather than going to see it again!
Despite being crowned a senior athlete at only 23, I really hope and pray this year is filled with good things for you, and that it goes a long way to bringing you closer to your goals in 2012. You’ve achieved allot, and from what I know of you, I think you can look back at this year and be very proud of it all, so onwards and upwards; with time, comes certainty and success!

Selina Litt said...