Sunday, 8 August 2010


I recently received my grade for my first module at uni. I would say first year, but one module at 60points is equal to half a year, even though it took me a year.

Anyway, for AA100 The Arts Past and Present I gained a distinction, which is the highest mark you can get. So obviously I was over the moon!

Assignment Results:
TMA 01 – 85%
TMA 02 – 85%
TMA 03 – 81%
TMA 04 – 88%
TMA 05 – 70%
TMA 06 – 81%
TMA 07 – 88%
Average (OCAs) – 82%
ECA (OEs) – 86%
Total – 84%

You normally need 85 %for a distinction overall, but they gave me one anyway!


Jen said...

Well done smarty pants! :)

Terri said...

and you said yournot smart, blimey would love to get results like that! well done

Selina Litt said...

Lol thanks guys. I'm not very smart! Not doing as well on my second module, so can pretty much promise no further distinctions!

Torie said...

You mustn't be too hard on yourself!1!! I would never had the motivation to do something like that course!! Well done!!! Xxxx