Monday, 5 July 2010

Unlucky Is My Middle Name

The past few weeks have been a mixed bag of good, bad and the ugly! I’ve had to miss three athletics comps, which is very frustrating, as I’m just not getting the races in this year. Two were missed because I couldn’t get a guide runner and the most recent because I managed to tear a couple of ligaments in my calf! I have had two other comps though, but neither were very successful. The Charnwood Open was over before it began, as on my first stride the guide rope fell out of my guide’s hand. In a disability event I would have been disqualified on the spot, but after freezing, stunned and confused, my guide just grabbed my hand, but it was all too late really! The time came out at 16.8secs! The other comp was the Metro Games and although I won both of my races with ease, the times didn’t reflect a good performance. I’m still not sure of my 200m time, but the 100m was 16.01secs and there is no reason why I should be running that slow anymore!

On a brighter note I do have a new guide runner, so that is something! I’m running in Gateshead this weekend, followed by the Charnwood Open mid-week and then in Nottingham next weekend. Three comps in a row should help me get some race fitness. This is all assuming my calf is fixed!

On other things, still working hard at uni with an assignment due on Wednesday. Calvin and I are having a bit of a rough time, it doesn’t help that my road is swamped with road works, but we also had a two hour getting lost adventure, Calvin had an accident in the food court as he watered the floor, I have a fat lip after he walked me into someone and I’m getting very tired of his scavenging.

Anyway, life goes on and fifth teen days until my 22nd birthday, not that I have anything planned yet!


Jen said...

Sounds like your having a tough time.
That's horrible you had to miss competitions because you didn't have a guide runner. I hope your new one works out well.
Did you ever try a haulty on Calvin? It might help calm him down a bit as you'll have more control over him and he won't be able to pick food from the ground. Some dogs don't like having them on, and maybe you've tried it already?

Do you use skype?

Torie said...

Hey Selena. I have got a new blog, so if you got a request from me to follow you or something, it's just me.

Anyway that was a bit of a random start to a comment lol.

It's a bit of a pisser that you have had to miss those important compititions. I'm sorry to hear that. What a stupid guide runner if they lost the rope!!!!

Has Kalvan still not calmed down? My god!!!! He is a bad boy!!!

Take care, and hope the knee gets better soon.

Selina Litt said...

Yeah Calvin has a halty, but has never responded any different from when it is on or off. Apparently scavanging is a major problem with guide dogs who have totally blind owners, I suppose because we're slightly delayed in correction.

No I don't use Skype, could never figure it out. Just plain old MSN for me.

Oh you have a new blog Torri? I would say i'll check it out, but not sure when, as i'm really bad at keeping up with everyone!

Torie said...

Oh don't worry!! I don't mind as long as you just know lol. Any time sure.

Have you thought of calling your team just as a last resort to see if they can stop his scavinging?


Terri said...

I've know Uma to quickly eat things in harness like stones, bits of paper, licking the floor under train seats after some one has spilled something, she also tried eating a doughnut once when i had my GDMI with me. She's normally not to bad. I think Uma is more of a sensitive dog than Calvin because if i correct her she is then good as gold, knowing she's upset me. I dont notice with the sight i have if she has eated something i only know when she then has a upset stomach!

It does make me wonder why they gave you a full lab as they do tend to be obsessed with food! and my friends lab is exactly the same when it comes to food.

Selina Litt said...

Torri Calvin recently had his 6month review and the trainer followed in the car. I explained all of his issues before hand and afterwards she concluded that i'm dealing with it, as I could get from a to b. Her advice was to take the lead in my right hand when we walked under a tree where there would be more twigs. However, I live in a village, there are trees and bushes lining the pavement on the majority of my routes!

Terri he's not a full lab, but majority lab as he is a lab cross retriever cross lab. He is quite a sensitive dog with regards to being as close to me as possible 24/7, but you're right on the correction side of things he doesn't give a monkies! Yet I know he was quick to respond to correction with my trainer.

Terri said...

sorry i thought he was a lab!

do you ever use the harness handle to correct him? does it work any better than the leash?

Torie said...

Oh right. So were you happy then with what the trainer suggested? I hope it stops soon though.

At least other than that he's doing good which is always good.

Take care, xxx

Selina Litt said...

Tbh I rarely use the harness and lead together to correct him, as i'm not quick enough to get my hands in the right place!

I'm never happy with what Guide Dogs say lol.

Torie said...

That's not good lol. What did they suggest you do for him?

Sorry to hear about yorur compitition. I hope that your Calf gets better soon.

Can i ask what you need the funding for? X

Selina Litt said...

To basically not let him drop his head, which isn't easy.

The funding will pay for my guide runner, coach, physio therapy for any injuries, travel and hotel costs for competitions, gym membership and invites to big competitions. You can be on the talent level of funding for 3 years and there is also development and podium levels to work up to.

Torie said...

Oh right. Are there no organisations who can help you get the funding? Or do they have to see you in action so to speak?

It sounds pritty important that you get it, then.

So are you meant to be super woman with Kalvan then to help keep his head up? He sounds pritty strong, so i'm sure it's hard getting his head up.