Saturday, 17 July 2010

Is it a it a it's Calvin...

Earlier today I was winning the 200m in Nottingham, when Calvin, my adorable Guide Dog managed to break free from where he was tied up. He came charging across the track, fortunately didn’t impede any other athletes, but knocked me flying, as he raced towards me. I landed heavily on my knees, thankfully only grazing them, but I was in such a state of shock. Calvin didn’t break his lead, but it just goes to show he gets far too excited still when I’m running. The official allowed me to run again about 20mins later on my own, but I only managed 33.2secs in the gusty wind.

My 100m hadn’t gone much better earlier on, with a 16sec flat run, into an evil head wind and muddy puddles, but I won!

I had the Charnwood Open last Wednesday and only did the 100m, which was a disappointing 15.7secs. So things aren’t going too well really. My next competition isn’t until 15th August and I only have 3 more races to gain the funding standards. Right now I’m not on schedule and feel frustrated. I will go training on Monday and talk to my coach, but not sure how I can improve in such a short space of time.

My birthday is on Tuesday, but no major plans arranged. I’m tempted to go to the gym as normal!

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