Monday, 2 November 2009

F1: Review 2009

So another year of F1 has come to a close and what a dramatic season it was. On the Ferrari front it didn't end up going too well, as they finished 4th in the constructors championship and had no driver in the running for the world championship.

Raikanan did well with what he had underneath him, but there wasn't much hope when Ferrari deferred all developments until next year halfway through the season. Massa, who was cruelly denied the championship last year thanks to Hamilton's luck in the rain suffered a horrific accident, which resulted in a fractured skull. A piece from fellow countryman Barachello's car hit him at full speed going under his helmet. This left Massa out for the rest of the season.

So, there was a big hype that Schumacher was coming back to the sport, which delighted me, but shortly before he was due to race it was deemed his neck was too weak in order to handle the force. Ferrari's test driver, Badawa stepped into the driving seat, but although he finished he was last and nowhere near getting the full potential out of the car. This lead to Fischichella's dream coming true. An Italian driving the best Italian car around. He was bought out of his contract at Force India and couldn't wait to strut his stuff. Unfortunately, the best he managed was 9th and therefore didn't score a single point for the team.

The championship crown was passed from one Brit to another with Button having the royal honour. I'm not anti-British, but was supporting Barachello since he used to drive for Ferrari and had many second places to Schumacher. However, the oldest man in formula 1 just wasn't meant to be on top. The young gun Redbull driver Vettal also put up a good fight and is definitely a star of the future.

Not many drivers have secured their seats for next year, but it is believed that double world champion Alonso will be partnering Massa in the Ferrari team next season. It's possible Raikanan is going to drive with the enemy Hamilton, but there are also rumours that Schumacher will make a return to the sport. 2010 will be interesting as the rules are changing so no refuelling will be allowed during the race.

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