Saturday, 18 July 2009

Running and Sight Village

Race For Life:
It was last Sunday. Getting sponsorship for the event was a nightmare, but I eventually raised about £55 for Cancer Research UK. I ran the race with my mum, but I can’t say I really enjoyed it. There were just so many people and you couldn’t really run since everyone was walking in front and you couldn’t get by. All the times I had to stop I didn’t feel like stopping and therefore I got quite frustrated along with others. Add in the horrible uneven ground at Western Park it wasn’t much fun tripping up! I completed it in 32mins and had an awful stitch about 100m to go so couldn’t do my legendary sprint finish. I discovered I’m fitter than my mum who nearly collapsed and died coming up the last hill! Thanks to those who made the effort to sponsor me, the money has gone to a very worthy cause.

Is now one of my favourite places, as on Tuesday I ran 15.3secs for the 100m! Dances in celebration since I finally broke through the dreaded 16-second mark and I’m now only half a second off the Paralympic B Standard for last year’s games. Woo hoo! There’s not much need for a song and dance for the 200m as I ran it in 34.9secs, but who cares I ran 15.3!

Sight Village:
Is a large exhibition of products and services for the visually impaired and is held annually, but I’ve never been before. I did get a little bored, but the highlights included seeing Jenny and collecting my birthday present and having a demo walk with a Guide Dog. Now I’ve said before I’ve never walked a dog in my life never mind a Guide Dog so this experience for me was amazing. Good old Delphie guided me around so smoothly and I felt really relaxed and comfortable with him. He was a massive lab cross retriever, but lovely and calm. I didn’t feel silly doing the doggy voice, but I think I was in a world of my own. We went around tables, chairs, people, puddles and barriers. He found doors, stopped at cables on the floor and sat on command. He just appeared really clever. I know they are, but you don’t realise until you see them in action for yourself. Of course it has made me want one even more!

They call it blind man’s fog don’t you know! In Nottingham today I’ve never known such Gail force winds! For my 100m it was a breath taking –6.2 head on wind. I managed 16.1secs, but I reckon that could have been a sub 15sec time on a good day. For the 200m it was –4.7 and I ran 34.1secs, which is a PB, but again without the wind I would have smashed my PB. There was a slight panic in the 200 as the guide rope nearly slipped out of my hand after 30m, but after a gasp I was ok!

My next race is Sunday 26th July at Crystal Palace.

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Jennifer said...

Well done on your record running time and for doing race for life. I thought about sponsoring you but don't have a credit card. I've recently set up paypal so prob could have. I went to a funeral of someone who suffered from cancer yesterday. It was very tough.

Have you seriously never walked a dog before? Like just a normal dog? That's crazy! Its just something i've grown up with, so suppose I take it for granted. I'm sure that makes the decision to get a guide dog a bit more difficult at first though?