Thursday, 9 July 2009

Ouch! It's A Disabled Thing!

Ouch is run by the BBC and is all about disability. They have a message board that I often read and post on, but they also do a monthly podcast. This month’s podcast has a Clothes Clinic and the Ouch Team contacted me asking if I would like to participate. I obviously come across as the vein type who is obsessed with the way she looks even though she can’t even see herself in the mirror! Though it’s true I do agree I’m very much so into my fashion and believe strongly that all visually impaired people should at least take some pride in their image. Just because you can’t see yourself, doesn’t mean that nobody else can either.

They wanted me to ask a couple of questions to blind fashion columnist Claire Jennings. When I heard this I thought hey she’s got my dream job, bitch! Lol. So I wanted to ask her something really difficult and hoped she didn’t give me an obvious answer, but unfortunately she told me to wear colours like black and white that match with everything! Excuse me missy you won’t catch this blinkie in black! I’m well known for being brighter than bright! She asked me if I wore make-up and I wanted to tell her that I’m naturally beautiful, but instead I told her I have naturally long eye lashes that everyone always always tells me about! Once when I was going for an eye operation they threatened to cut them off! Thankfully, they were untouched! Oh and finally this Claire I think I’m so fashionable because I tattoo my make-up on and wear killer heals thinks that we should all be liberated and let our busts be paraded to the world! You caught on yet that I didn’t think much of her?! I’m such a cow aren’t I! Oh and it says I’m from Newcastle, but that’s because it was recorded at the same time I went up to see Boyzone.

If you want to take a listen to the podcast then you can do so here: Ouch Podcast



Steve S said...

Hey Selina, thanks for putting me onto the "Ouch" page!...interesting stuff! BTW, you're 1 busy bee, keep it going, I'll drop in again to catch up with what you're up to! Steve.

Jennifer said...

Hey Selina
Cool your on the ouch podcast! There's a claim to fame! I tried downloading it earlier and it was taking ages. I'll take a listen next week when I get back from Dublin. I need sleep now!

Terri said...

Thought the advise they gave to the other lady was good regarding magnets.

I cant believe what they both said about showing off their bras and boobs to people.. some people just are slutty like that. I'm deffo not and worry abou that sort of thing too.

RNIB do these little marker things in different shapes that you can sew into your clothes, to indetify them. Maybe you can get your mum to help you put together a oufit that goes, and then put two of the same shapes in them both. If you want i will try to find what their called, well if you think its a good idea lol.

Jennifer said...

Just listened to it and found it interesting.