Saturday, 10 January 2009

Why I Man

I’ve been speaking to Beth on various VI forums and MSN for about 5 years now, but we had never met in person. So, she invited me to her birthday celebrations and I couldn’t say no. Beth is registered blind and has Aniridia, which means she doesn’t have an iris.

I caught the train up to Newcastle, but wasn’t best pleased with the delays, assistance failing at Birmingham who are normally excellent and the general freezing weather! We had a nice meal at Frankie and Benny’s when I arrived and then went to the Start Fitness running shop, which is like heaven to an athlete. I could have bought loads, but had already ordered a ton from their website and just got the rave pink jacket I was after to complete an outfit. That evening we had a trip to Asda where we bought a couple of bottles for snobby me who hated the northern tap water and some party food.

Wednesday was a busy day and left me absolutely exhausted. We went up to Middlesborough where we met Rachel and Carrie who are 2 VI friends of Beth’s. I know Carrie from a message board, so it was good to meet her. Apparently Rachel was at RNC the same time as me, but I never came across her for some reason. After a visit to Costa Coffee we hit the shops. They all longed for my H & M jumper I was wearing, but didn’t have their sizes. We spent ages in there. I didn’t buy anything, but the others did. Afterwards we went to Lasenza where I found a nice pair of half price long sleeved pjs and Beth copied me and bought them too. It’s not likely we’ll be caught wearing them together though!

Wednesday night was time for Beth’s birthday celebrations and we went to karaoke. I sang Shania twain That Don’t Impress Me Much and although I don’t think I can sing they all thought I was great and a couple of women got up and danced! Didn’t get to sleep until 3am, which is really late for someone who’s normally in bed for 9pm!

On Thursday I eventually dragged myself out of bed and went to Beth’ singing lesson. It did make me want to sing, but I managed to restrain myself from the embarrassment! That evening we played on Wii Fit and generally chilled out.

Yesterday I came home and was pleased that the assistance turned up at York and I made my mum collect me from Derby so I could get home sooner. I enjoyed myself and going back in June to see Boyzone with Beth and her friend who also has Aniridia Jenny. Hopefully I’ll have my Guide dog by then. Speaking of guide dogs Beth has a gorge Guide Dog called Sandie. She’s a crazy lab, but as soon as her harness is on is as good as gold. I beat Sandie at tug of war and it was useful to observe Guide Dog ownership closely.

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Jennifer said...

Couldn't you just let Sandy win! just to keep her happy. Dogs don't like losing at tug of war at all.