Thursday, 15 January 2009

Another Interview

I had an interview today at a company called P R Cooper and Footline Ltd who sell orthopaedic shoes! It’s in the middle of the countryside about 35mins from home. The job is to be a clerical assistant for 16 hours per week, 9am – 1pm for 4days. It would fit in nicely with my athletics training.

On arrival 2 women greeted me. They seemed very nice and I explained I needed guiding. They knew I was VI, as it’s on my CV and when they called me for interview they checked that I could get there and I mentioned Access to Work would provide taxis.

They took me to a computer and asked nicely if I could see the screen. I said I could see the light coming out of it and started talking about my speech software and other specialist equipment. They appeared very unaware, but not in a negative way. We discussed the duties and how I would access the work. At the end I gave them Access to Work’s number and suggested they contacted Action for the Blind. Apparently one of their friend’s works for Action so that’s positive.

I got a tour of the factory and the various shoe making levels. I’d say about 10 to 15 people work there and they all seemed very relaxed and friendly. I will hear next week if I’m successful. They did say I had an impressive CV and I think that’s why they didn’t feel the need to ask me your usual interview questions. Fingers crossed again!

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