Thursday, 11 December 2008

This That and the Other

Meet and Greet:
I’ve not been well all week and still feel pretty rubbish. However, last night I dragged myself out to Guide Dogs meet and greet event with my family. I’ve been on the waiting list for a Guide Dog for over 8 months now and getting more and more inpatient!

The place was packed with Guide Dogs, which made me feel both left out and jealous that I didn’t have one. I didn’t know anyone there and so we just kept to ourselves. Graham the District Manager saw me and said he’d like to talk to me afterwards about culture and diversity. Apparently we were the only coloured people there. Not that that is a problem in my books.

The event was dominated by Katie Meeking and her Guide Dog Theo who won Guide Dog of the year. They showed 2 DVDs of her story, her mum read out the nomination letter for the award and Katie also said a few words. I got to stroke Theo at the end. He’s a medium sized golden retriever with a long coat. I also got to stroke a black lab that had a lush smooth coat. Now that was a gorge dog!

Penny was there too who did the wife swap programme this year and they showed a short clip of it. Another TV star that I was expecting to see was Mo the lad who first entered a mosque with a Guide Dog, but I later found out that he was in Australia playing cricket.

My mum and I went to speak to Graham afterwards and he asked me if I was considering applying for a dog! Of course I explained that I was already on the list and he seemed pleased. He asked me my full name and he claimed he’d seen my name before. He began to talk about this project he wants to do for next year, which is basically encouraging ethnic minorities to apply for a Guide Dog and also to change the perception currently adopted by other cultures. I was quick to express my views on Mo and how it was unfair that he got a dog at such a young age and so promptly, as this is one thing that has been bugging me for ages. He admitted that Mo was a project and it was an opportunity to create awareness and break down some of those barriers. He asked me if I was willing to assist with the media work on his new project and I obviously agreed. He also implied that now he’s met me he’s going to prioritise me in getting a dog to coincide with his new campaign.

It was worth going in the end then, as I hopefully will get a Guide Dog pretty soon. In fairness I have waited long enough already and did get rejected at 16 for one.

A quick update on the Braille Champions as RNIB contacted me again. They did a short interview over the phone and then emailed me a couple of quotes they’re going to use for media work next year to promote louis Braille’s 200th birthday. So all good there!

I emailed them on Sunday, as I hadn’t heard whether I’d been accepted on to the programme or not. In short I haven’t and Tabo said he’d already contacted me. I’m really livid at this, as it would have been the perfect opportunity in order to get some serious coaching. I was given the details of Marie Yates at UK athletics who is meant to be able to sort out coaching, but I haven’t heard from her. Looks like I’m on my own yet again, but I promise I’ll prove them all wrong. Oh yeah the reason I didn’t get on the programme was that they don’t think I’ll medal in 2012! Grrrrr!

I have to finish on a good note don’t I?! I’ve got an interview on Tuesday to be a clerk receptionist for the Adult Social care department. There are 2 venues they’re looking to recruit at Loughborough and Market Harborough. Both posts are 18.5hours per week, but I would prefer Loughborough, as that’s where the athletics track is. If I don’t get it I will be gutted as it’s unlikely I’ll have a job offer before I leave my current job and I don’t want to be unemployed.

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