Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Serious Athlete

Well I desperately want to be a serious athlete. I went to the track last night in Nuneaton and trained for the first time in ages with Sheila who is effectively my coach. I took Courtney along with me and I found it very useful.

I did a 2 lap warm up, which I only just about managed and then we did some drills. Sheila corrected Courtney on how to guide run with me better and i've got to learn to set off with my left foot, which doesn't feel natural for me.

After the drills Sheila asked if i'd had enough. I was having a heart attack by this point! I obviously said yes and then she said ok lets do a few laps to cool down! A few?! Argh! As we were jogging round Sheila was asking what i do currently training wise and i'm no good at speaking and running, so was getting Courtney to explain it all. I need to be training 5 times per week and I only do 3 or 4 times at the most now. It was agreed that I should work on sprinting, but go up to 800m. i need to improve on my fitness mainly, but i'll do my best.

Sheila gave Courtney some ideas of what other exercises I can do in the gym to strengthen me and we also discussed the tredmill. At present i've stopped going on it, as I have to hold on with one hand, but i've been using the cross trainer. Apparently with the cross trainer you lose leg speed and it is basically too easy. So i've got to learn how to use the tredmill by tapping the front bar with each hand every time. Should be interesting, I can see me flat on my face already!

Finally, Sheila suggested I keep a training diary. This way I can track how much I do, see how i'm progressing and write down all of my performances. So i've started another blog for it called Selina's Training Diary. I've tried to be clever and link directly from it if you click on the title of this post, but no doubt i've done it wrong! So you can view my new blog at:

I can't believve i'm not aching this morning! I haven't worked that hard in ages. Got an email through about the Dublin games next year. I really want to go and it gives me something to aim for.

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