Thursday, 25 September 2008

Back on the Track

Whilst I remember I got an email back from Mandy at RNIB regarding the Braille Champions. She said my story was 'fascinating and inspiring'! Anyway, she's sent it up to the press office and they should be in touch with me in mid October, as at the moment they're busy with the 'have an eye test' campaign.

Last night I went to the athletics track with Courtney for the first time. I hadn't been on the track since April and hadn't done much exercise in general for about a month. I was worried that I might not even be able to manage a lap, but I surprised myself.

We did 3 laps of the track with about a 2minute break in-between. This allowed Courtney to get used to guide running. We then did 4 50m sprints, which I felt in my legs, but was pleased that I didn't feel I was going at snail's pace! We then attempted a lap to cool down, but I quit after 200m. Slightly annoyed with myself, but I won't let it happen again!

Next week I hope to be training back at the Pingles with Sheila, as she's a great coach. Going swimming for the first time on Friday in nearly a year. That should be fun, hope Courtney is good at life saving!

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Jennifer said...

Hey Selina!
How is your PA working out? I'd love to be really sporty, but lots of walking is about as sporty as I get.