Tuesday, 29 March 2016


People always ask at what age do they retire? My answer is always between the ages of eight and ten. I can’t believe that Calvin, my Guide Dog has turned eight. We really have entered the final stages of our partnership. Although on his birthday, you wouldn’t have thought it as he was the most playful and energetic he has been in a long time. After the thousandth time of throwing his ball or toy my enthusiasm was wavering ever so slightly. Nevertheless, it was his birthday so I heroically persevered and kept launching until he eventually got bored. At times like that it is easy to forget that he’s nearing retirement.

We have our annual visit from Guide Dogs on 6 April and I’m hopeful that they will authorise for him to work for another year. The only concern health wise at the moment are his joints. Calvin’s bones click constantly as he runs up and down the stairs. On occasion if he’s been resting for a while his back legs stiffen too. Not that this bothers him, but it is a little jaw dropping when I hear him slip down a step as he attempts to charge up to the landing. All credit to him he powers it through. The vets started him on some joint supplements and I’m fairly sure they made a difference after about a week. Less clicking and no stair scares for a while now. The vet was surprised that they have had such a dramatic influence, but I’m convinced it’s not in my head. Yes, they are definitely working, on cue Calvin has come to join me upstairs to see what I’m up to and I didn’t hear a single click.

I would write more, only Calvin is nudging me to play, so I best go and entertain and make the most of his company whilst I still can.

The Calvin8r: Young at heart, works hard, plays harder.

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