Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Sixing It Up

They grow up so fast! Calvin is six today! He has unfortunately had to work through his birthday, as I am currently doing some work experience at school to help with my long-term goal of becoming a teacher. I have to give Calvin credit, he plays his Guide Dog role very well at school until he spots left overs from break or lunchtime. He is generally attentive in lessons, although the odd attempt has been made to thieve from pupils school bags and one pupil alerted me to the fact that he was trying to give himself lead poisoning by chewing a pencil in class the other day. Equally, the pupils are great, knowing not to fuss or distract him, it’s the teachers in the staff room that can’t help themselves!

Health wise, Calvin is still having seizures from time to time, but not regularly enough to warrant daily medication. However, he is currently on tablets, as he has developed a rash in his never regions. I’m sure if he knew I was sharing that information, he would be dying with embarrassment right now! It is just a result of an allergic reaction to cement dust since we are currently doing some house renovations. His crown jewels will be back to sparkly condition in no time.

At six years old there are no signs of Calvin slowing down. He still has his adorable puppy dog habits whilst growing into a mature, confident and assertive character.

Happy Birthday Calvin


Leye-Shprintse said...


Happy birthday Calvin! I wish you many years of Health and puppy happiness! And your mum good luck with her goal to become a teacher! In which subjects?

Kind regards,

Selina Litt said...

Thanks, hopefully in English.

Max Ivey said...

Hello; happy birthday to calvin; i'm a blind blogger from the states. recently I thought I should seek out other blind bloggers and find out what i could learn from them. love your post. I can feel your love for him. by the way I'm doing a blog hop about writing this week and would love it if you wanted to participate with me. I have to answer four pre selected questions about how i write and then mention three others who will do the same next week. its a good chance to expose each others readers to our unique voice. I am really hoping to spotlight some other v i bloggers if possible. email me at if you want more information. many more years of good health to both of you, Max