Saturday, 30 March 2013

Victa Weekend No.2

Last week I was at another Victa weekend and had another great time. I didn’t arrive until the Saturday morning, as I saw One Direction live in concert the night before. This meant I missed rock climbing, which I love to do, but at least it wasn’t an activity I haven’t tried before.

I was a bit gutted that as soon as I arrived I found myself on wash up duty, when I hadn’t even eaten the breakfast! Talk about bad timing! The first activity of the day was cup cake making and we had to work with someone we hadn’t met before, which wasn’t many people for me. I’m not really the baking type, but everyone loves to eat the raw cake mixture right?! Anyway, somehow me and my partner won the great Victa bake off and got £25 worth of iTunes vouchers each. This is lovely, only I don’t own an iPod, ipad, ifone or any Apple product, as they are way too techy for me!

I can only describe the weather as blizzard conditions, as we trudged out in the snow for aqua zorbing. I was quite excited about this activity, although scared at the same time. You are stuffed into an inflatable ball and pushed onto a lake where the aim is to try and stay on your feet and run around like a hamster! I didn’t really stay on my feet and had images of the ball bursting at any second with Calvin desperate to pounce on it, but it was good fun. A very strange feeling.

The evening was spent at the pub where we had a poor tasting meal in my opinion, but lots of laughs were had. When we got back to the centre, I pushed the boat out and stayed up until 2.30am. Usually I’m in bed at 10pm at home, call me a light weight or boring, I don’t mind!

Sunday was meant to be spent tandem cycling and white water tubing, but the snowy conditions meant they got cancelled. Instead we went to the Snowdome and did sledging on tea trays! I crashed a few times, rolled off a few times and got stuck halfway down the hill on occasion (I think from being too light), but this all contributed to the enjoyment.

The final night was spent doing awful karaoke and I was in bed by 11, as I fell asleep in the living room! Late nights and me just don’t mix.

Overall, it was nice to see people I had met previously, meet new lovely people and try activities I hadn’t done before. The atmosphere always has a relaxed edge, which makes the weekend even better. I’m running out of superlatives, you get my drift!

Fun fun fun!

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Anonymous said...

Just remember in the winter,
Far beneath the bitter snow,
Lies the seed that with the sun's love,
In the spring becomes the rosé.