Tuesday, 25 May 2010

International Debut

In lane 5 representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland Selina Litt, are exciting words that I will always remember. For that moment I was care free and a broad smile took over my face.

My first international competition was the Knowsley Disability Challenge on 22/23 May. I’d never been to Liverpool before, so it made it that more interesting. On the Saturday was my 100m and the Sunday my 200m.

I went into the weekend feeling confident, as I was running with Jor’dan. We had only ever had a couple of runs together, literally over 40m, but she’s quick, so I didn’t need to worry about my guide being behind me!

Bang! After the drive phase my heart sank, Tash who has a PB of 14.5 was already a good 5m ahead of me. I carried on running to my best ability, mine and Jor’dan’s arms weren’t quite in sink, but my lane sticker got stuck to my hand so I was trying to shake it off. With 10m left to go, my hand slipped out of the guide rope, but I kept running to the finish. Afterwards I found out it’s ok to let go of the guide rope with just 10m to go, as long as your guide is in within 50cm of you. So, thankfully I wasn’t disqualified! I ran 15.49 and felt disappointed. I really thought I was going to run a PB, sub 15secs time. However, on reflection, under the circumstances it wasn’t so tragic, as it was my fastest electronic time to date.

Bang! It’s Sunday and the sun was still shining strong, but with a unwelcome breeze! I had nothing to lose in this race, but it seemed to take ages before I came out of my drive. Jor’dan told me afterwards she had extended it a further 5m so I had less time running upright in the wind, but this does take energy out of you. Since I was in lane 1, I was a bit hesitant of clipping the curb and was chasing all of the way the other athletes. As I hit the home straight, the wind just took my breath away, 50m to go I had no kick, 10m left it just seemed 10m too far! I ran 33.27, my second quickest time for the distance and quickest electronic time. I’m definitely lacking in speed endurance, but I did have a cold a week prior, which wouldn’t have helped. Again mine and Jor’dan’s arms weren’t in sink, but mainly because I was fading and she was doing her best to drag me! I’m still not taking the bend to the best of my ability, which is also losing me time.

Overall, it was a good experience and it’s a shame my times weren’t better. Last night when I was running in training on my own, I felt so quick. There’s big difference in speed when solo and with a guide. There’s allot of technical aspects to guide running, which I don’t think people appreciate.

Looking ahead, I’ve still not got my qualification times for funding, need to drop four tenths off my 100m and a second off my 200m. Certainly not impossible as I’m only 2 races in. Next comp could be in Cardiff on 12/13 June. However, I won’t find out until 2 June if i’ve been selected.

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