Saturday, 16 January 2010

A Frosty Reception

I’ve had nothing but a frosty reception from the New Year so far. Let’s hope things will improve.

I got my third assignment back and scored 81%. Still a good mark of course, but my lowest to date. I’m currently working on my forth assignment, which is about the composer Shostakovich. I’m not into classical music, but i’ve appreciated his work.

Where do I start with the naughty little dog to put it politely! Three times this week he’s got into his food! He managed to remove a big heavy box, catalogues and the lid in order to delve in. It’s been an absolute joke and now the food is being stored on the dining table out of reach. Punishment has involved a cut in his portion sizes this week, but it’s also been a punishment for me as he’s been really thirsty from eating the dry food and needing to spend more regularly.

Argh, when will the frost and black ice disappear! I’ve only managed to work Calvin twice this year. Once in London for my Moorfields appointment and to be fair to him he worked well in the busy city. The other time was when I went sale shopping last weekend. That wasn’t as successful as he walked under a table in a shop and my hand scraped across the metal, which swelled up beautifully. My road is still bad so not sure when i’ll be able to work him again.

Has been cancelled most of this year so far due to the weather. I think I’m having serious withdrawal symptoms that isn’t helping my mood! I decided not to run in my first indoor competition last weekend as I felt I hadn’t trained enough with my guide runner.

Let’s get January out of the way and start afresh in Feb!


Ro said...

Yuck. I hope things improve for you.

I haven't gotten my dog yet, but I did purchase a food container. It was recommeneded to me by another guide dog handler. It's called the Vittles Vault 2. It's airtight, with a tightly sealed lid that has a screw lid in the middle to accaess the food. When I got it, there was this rubber O ring type thing, and I figured out that it goes in this groove in the lid. Then you push the lid down on the base and it's really hard to get back off. Like, so hard that I thought I'd never get it off again. The screw top lid on the top is wide and easy to screw open, but I'm pretty sure this thing is virtually dog proof. Then you wouldn't have to keep it on the table.

I sure hope things calm down with him. Are you getting any help from the school? This is a self train kind of thing, right?

Here's hoping things improve for you!

Oh, I got the Vittles Vault on Amazon.

Jennifer said...

January is horrible enough, without having a naughty dog to deal with as well!
Maybe you should contact your trainer, get them to come out and get some ideas about what to do. I know its early days, and your going to have problems for a while, but if it continues very long it will be more difficult for you to work with him. Its just an idea.

Ro that container sounds great. Must have a look, though the one I have holds the two dogs food.

Selina Litt said...

Thanks for the tip for the doggy food.

I contacted my trainer earlier this week after having another stressful walk. She's on class at the min so can't come out and help me. She recommended I do some obidience work with him in the meantime, supposedly to stamp my authority, but he's perfect at it. He's not going to a border now whilst i'm on hol, but staying in kennels at guide Dogs to get a brush up on training. His straight line travel has gone out of the window and he keeps takin me to side curbs, which confuses me. Normally, there's another dog over the road or some interesting grass he fancies.

Despite all of that I went to the chippy today and we got there and back without getting lost despite him being a little devil, sniffing, attempting to wander up side roads, taking a detour into the park and trying to say hello to all the dogs in the village!

Jennifer said...

The obedience work can be useful, but he sounds like a character if he's doing it perfectly but not behaving when you want him to.
That's good he's going to guide dogs when your on hols. At least that won't make his behaviour worse. You get a nice relaxing break and won't have to worry about him either.

Anonymous said...

Just keep with the consistency with him... you'll get there.

Anonymous said...

I honestly wish I was with you, or you with me. I swear I'd help you teach your dg to behave himself within a matter of weeks!