Thursday, 8 October 2009


I've been meaning to update my blog for over a week now. I went to Bognor about a week and a half ago with Beth, Jenny and Katie. We stayed at one of the Action for the Blind hotels and this was the first time for me.

The hotel was really nice, easy to navigate; in a good location opposite the beach and only a short walk from the shops. I shared a room with Jenny and her Guide Dog Jaynie. On the Friday night we just stayed in and were the last ones at the bar at the unearthly hour of 11pm! The average age of the other guests was about 80!

On the Saturday we took a trip to Portsmouth's Gun Wharf Quays for a touch of shopping. I picked myself up a nice Rip Curl skirt for the summer months whenever that is in England! That evening we took a walk down the promenade and I got the chance to walk with both Sandie and Jaynie the Guide Dogs. I first had a go with Sandie, but she was a bit slow and wasn't really interested in walking with anyone other than Beth. Spoil sport!

Then I had a go with Jaynie and we were off like a rocket. I found it so freeing and I possibly put a little too much trust in Jaynie, but never mind she didn't walk me into anything. She sat at curbs, took me up the dropped curbs, found the crossing box and without instruction took me back to the hotel. It's amazing how much faster you can walk when you're not using a cane. Of course we won't tell Guide Dogs I illegally drove a dog at night!

On the Sunday we stayed around Bognor and treated ourselves to dessert instead of lunch. I had a coke float; god that was nice hadn't had one in years! I also treated myself to a chocolate nut sundae or something like that! We went shopping around Bognor town and I bought a unique ring. It's silver and has a love heart charm dangling from it. After we went back to the hotel to relax before dinner. I don't think I've mentioned it was Jenny's birthday by the way. So that night we were top guests as everyone indulged in either Smartie cake or Tatty Teddy cake.

Monday was spent travelling home, but we did attempt to meet up with Terri in London. I say attempt as we didn't really have much time to chat whilst ramming down a McDonalds and waving Jenny off for her train. Never mind, better luck next time!

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Jennifer said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Those desserts sound yummy too.
Cool you got to walk with the dogs. OJ would have been in the inbetween category there. He would have freaked out at the beginning about someone else walking, then went really fast when he realised it was ok. I don't think they train them to sit at kerbs in Ireland anymore.

The name Boggner always makes me laugh!