Thursday, 10 September 2009


It's been a long 17months now since I was put on the waiting list for my very first Guide Dog. In that time I've seen 4 friends qualify and 1 of those has had to retire their dog too. I don't know anyone else waiting for their first dog anymore and so at least I know it's my turn next!

I emailed my district team for an update today and received some semi positive news. I say semi positive as in the past when I've said positive it's ended up being negative!

Word has it they've picked up a dog especially for me. It happened so recently that the dog isn't even in the centre yet. I'm not allowed to know any further details at present just in case the dog changes over the next few weeks in its advanced training. Hopefully, it will only change for the better and appear to be a great match for me! I should hear by the end of October at the latest and if all goes well I'll be training before the year's out.

It's got me wondering what it's like. I'm hoping it's female, yellow, has a silky coat, is under 30kg and has big puppy dog eyes! Oh yeah, hope she's got a cute name too!

Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!


Terri said...

Fingers crossed and really hope things work out and he/she ends up going to you!

I'm just having a quite bit to eat before i go off to a meeting with the DM from my branch, still battling to get a grooming room for the 7 dogs here! which we have to basically fund ourselfs by sounds of things now.

Terri said...

meant to say quick bite, and you thought your spelling was bad!

Torie said...

Awwwww cool Selena!!!! I have only been waiting for like 6 months and already i'm fed up waiting!!!!!

Take care, and good luck.