Sunday, 9 August 2009

A Productive Comp

My computer conked out on Tuesday, but thankfully it’s been fixed now and I’m back online!

On Wednesday I had another athletics competition. It was the Charnwood Open again, so only at Loughborough. I’m pleased to report that I got not one, but two PBs! Woo hoo!

I had to wait until heat 14 for my 100m, as they were doing quickest to slowest. There were only 16 heats so shows how slow I am compared to the mainstream athletes. I didn’t get the best start on my 100m, but Courtney did a good job of pulling me along, as I felt I really had to push myself to keep up. I ran it in 15.1secs, which takes 2 tenths off my PB. Still aiming for that all-important 14.8secs for the B Standard for last year’s Paralympics. Nearly there now!

The organisers forgot to allocate me two lanes for my 200m, which meant I had to go in the heat before mine and therefore a quicker one. I was surprised that I finished 5th and not last! I had to wait quite a while for my time and when it came out as 32.4secs I was shocked! I only smashed my previous PB by 1.2secs!

It was a really good night and after both races I wasn’t even sure I ran that well. I went to sleep with a great big grin on my face!

I think my next competition will be on September 19th, but I’m not sure when the Charnwood Championships are. If I don’t get the Paralympic time at either competition I intend to run at the Watford Open on September 24th and that will be my very last event of the summer season.

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