Friday, 13 February 2009

False Hope

I called Guide Dogs on Monday like they told me to, but after having to leave a message the District Manager Graham called me back. I could tell by his voice straight away that he wasn’t sounding positive. He said that the centre has 14 Guide Dogs at present and there are 26 people on the waiting list. It surprised me when he said I was only half way down the list. I would have thought after 10 and a half months of waiting, I’d be near the top.

Anyway, so much for priority, as he said it would be a 50/50 chance whether I get matched this time around. He said he wants me to have a small, bitchy, mod plus dog, but he doesn’t know what they have yet.

I wasn’t given a date to call back this time and was told they’ll be in touch. God knows when that will be, but please please please let all of the other people on the waiting list above me be tall and slow!

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Jennifer said...

Hopefully it won't be much longer now. At least you'll be able to fit a small dog under the seats in buses easily. She probably won't almost knock you over when your playing like OJ does. Not because he's rough but because of his size. His tail is a lethal weapon!
Another advantage if you train later in the year is that the weather might have improved a bit and you won't be walking in snow and ice, while trying to remember all the commands and info the trainers telling you at the same time.